The Fear – Lily Allen >Review

February 21, 2009

As you’ll see on Monday, The Fear is one of the best songs going around. Lily Allen has enjoyed criticising modern life through her songs, all in a synth-pop style. The combination of a bubbly pop tune with biting lyrics always makes for engaging listening. The Fear is in this vein with her attention set toward the celerity world itself. It’s a timely reminder (especially during Oscar season) that those who we celebrate are often superficial and that which makes for a “fantastic” life, when analysed, is empty and misguided. However, what I can’t work out is where does Lily fit into all this? It’s all very well to sing a critique of celebrity, yet she is no doubt enjoying the benefits from it. So, is she deluding herself to think that it doesn’t apply to her, or is she genuinely living a life that is above and beyond the shallowness of celebrity. I’m sure the gossip mags will keep a close eye on it.




  1. aah, i saw one of her first live performances of this song at a club in london – it was spectacular. and then she was given a birthday cake….very random.

    • Sounds cool. I wish I got a birthday cake every time I performed!

  2. I analyzed “The Fear” in a post and I had the same problem as you. It’s hard to tell whether Allen is being sincere or ironic. Does she love being famous and wealthy despite the price of fame? Or is she struggling to hang on to herself in the surreal life she’s living? Check out my post at asad123.wordpress.com.

  3. I love that clip. How awesome are the skipping guys in the background!

  4. Nice blog anton – looking forward to more posts!

    do you like her

    new tatoo?

  5. Hey Anton!

    I’m keen to check out more of Lily Allen’s stuff, she’s very interesting.

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  7. It is a great pop song, and if there was an version without the f-bomb, it’d be even better (I get that it’s part of her ‘image’, but swearing to sound ‘edgy’ is so passé).

    Do you reckon that the irony has much of an impact on the pre-teen/teen pop audience?

  8. I heard the *%@$ You song on the Js the other night. It’s the most inane thing I think I’ve ever heard.

    She’s attempting to be edgy, but it’s just maximal political correctness.

    And she’s campaigning for tolerance, but totally slags people off. It’s a masterpiece of postmodern drivel: people should be able to believe and do anything they want. Unless they disagree with me and them I’m going to %$#* them over.

  9. this is interesting! hope you post more 🙂 Now I’m intriuged by Lily Allen…

  10. Didn’t Good Charlotte do a similar thing with Lifestyles of the Rich & the Famous???

  11. I dunno. I stopped listening to Good Charlotte when I realised they existed.

  12. A stinging critique of modern life the verses may be, but I do wonder if they’re meant to be interpreted through the words of the refrain. Just what is “The Fear”, and what does it have to do with the rest of the song?

    • Yeah, still haven’t worked out what ‘The Fear’ is. Maybe fear of not being cool/famous? Thanks for the compliment thought!

      • No she is not “deluding herself to think that it doesn’t apply to her”; rather, ‘the fear’ is about falling subject to and getting lost in celebrity and consumerism herself.

    • The ‘rest of the song’ is indeed a critique and satire of modern consumerism and celebrity culture. The chorus has everything to do with the rest: it reflects her inner feeling and fear that she will be assimilated by such to some degree (as even the most stoic of us get sucked in), especially as she becomes rich and famous.

  13. Great blog by the way!

  14. […] THE FEAR – Lily […]

  15. love the song….<3

  16. No she is not “deluding herself to think that it doesn’t apply to her”; rather, ‘the fear’ is all about falling subject to and getting lost in celebrity and consumerism herself.

  17. She factors in because it is a sarcastic song directed at her critics that treat her as though she is some kid who doesn’t realize that she’s going down a bad destructive path. Kind of like what Americans do with another daughter of celebrities: Miley Cyrus.

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