Top 5 films of 2008

February 21, 2009

Well to get the ball rolling, I thought I’d put up my top 5 films for last year.

1. The Dark Knight – Viewers of At the Movies agree with me
2. In Bruges – Who would have thought Belgium would be cool?
3. Australia – No, I didn’t jump on the “it sucked” bandwagon
4. Juno – The screenplay deserved its Oscar
5. WALL-E – Because two robots showed the humans a thing or to about love

Let’s see what I will see this year…

P.S. Stay tuned as on Monday I hope to post my top 5 songs for last week.



  1. welcome to the blogosphere anton!

    i’m very happy to see the dark knight at number one! what a great film 🙂

  2. Definitely agree with all but Australia, but only because I haven’t seen it! Both Batman and In Bruges especially were great. Lots of interesting ideas to explore in both.

  3. Anton! Nice blog! Looking forward to reading it. Disagree with the movies though. ‘There will be blood’ was undoubtedly the best movie of last year, if not my favourite of this decade (!). ‘The Dark Knight’ was probably the best blockbuster i’ve seen, but, well, I think it was still a blockbuster and sold out to a large degree. But i’m one of those people who winge about nearly every movie…


  4. What happen to Kungfu panda !?!?

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