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Top 5 Singles – 23/03/09

March 24, 2009

This week, Lily Allen is down two spots to #4, while Beyonce holds onto the #1 position.

On the ARIA singles chart this week there is an occurrence that would not have happened before the time of digital downloads. Following their Australian concerts, Coldplay has 3 singles in the top 40 chart, including golden oldies “Fix You” and even “Yellow” re-entering the charts. The physical singles of these tracks are no longer available, unlike the digital versions and so can be included in chart calculations.


The new fb

March 21, 2009

According to, 94% percent of Facebook uses hate the new design. The new layout is much more Twitter-esque but users haven’t taken to the change. The article described fb users as “notoriously change-wary”. Maybe Anglicans do reflect broader society after all!


Hey Boys and Girls – Evermore >review

March 21, 2009

Evermore have left the schmaltzy rock of “Light Surrounding You” behind them to produce a syth-rock track that has traveled far away from Sucksville.

The Kiwi band (who apparently we have also adopted) pushes us to ‘the truth of the world’ through a catchy hook and stellar bridge. The clip is highly worth a look too. The only thing that makes be cringe is the falsetto on the word ‘girls’ in the chorus. Apparently the track is ‘Evermore’s response to global change, economic crisis and world wide propaganda wrapped up in a tongue in cheek melody’. It seems they do this by ‘disconnecting your brain’ and giving you entertainment. They appeal to boys and girls to get in touch with ‘the truth of the world’. This truth seems to be found on TV and entertainment. It is to be believed and trusted. That certainly is a more fun response to the world’s problems than worry and stress. However, why not believe and trust in the Truth that has dealt with the world’s problems in the cross and reflects true reality.


Top 5 Singles – 16/03/09

March 17, 2009

This week, Lily Allen is knocked off the top spot. The new single from Evermore is one to look out for – its very different to their new stuff.


This is Civilisation – Ye Gods

March 12, 2009

I was watching a documentary on SBS tonight about the art ancient gods. The Greeks were first in focus. According to the presenter they made statues modeled on the perfect human – human man that is. The Greeks loved their wisdom and made great philosophical advancements, giving birth to new political systems.
He singled out a statue of the Greek god Apollo – perfectly in proportion, strong and on show.


But then he switched to Christianity, which sees human wisdom as foolishness. Their God was humble, disfigured and died on a cross. It was such a shift in focus in the documentary; from the glory that humanity can achieve to the humility and seeming foolishness of the cross. It made me think that this would be a silly faith to believe in if it was all about us, unimpressive and incomprehensible in human terms. But that’s because Christianity is all about God and his power and glory in the world. A God who uses the weaknesses of humanity to save it through Christ and to grow it through using weak people like me. Thank God that our faith is not based on arrogant but flawed humans, but rather on God who would enter our world to save us.

“This is Civilisation” SBS Thursday 8:30 (4 part series)


Formula One – new rules

March 11, 2009

Another interest of mine is Formula One. I’m certainly not a rev-head, but the colour, politics, racing and personalities of F1 are appealing. So you may see some F1 posts following each race.

I came across this animation of the new rule changes for the 2009 F1 season. (If you’re not into F1, the animation is still pretty cool anyway). I think the new changes make the car much more ugly, but should make racing interesting. I’m not sure about KERS yet either. It seems good in theory but a similar boost system didn’t work well with A1. We’ll wait and see.


Top 5 Singles – 9/03/2009

March 11, 2009

Here is the new-look charts!

Lily Allen remains strong at the top with Kings of Leon entering at #4.