Hey Boys and Girls – Evermore >review

March 21, 2009

Evermore have left the schmaltzy rock of “Light Surrounding You” behind them to produce a syth-rock track that has traveled far away from Sucksville.

The Kiwi band (who apparently we have also adopted) pushes us to ‘the truth of the world’ through a catchy hook and stellar bridge. The clip is highly worth a look too. The only thing that makes be cringe is the falsetto on the word ‘girls’ in the chorus. Apparently the track is ‘Evermore’s response to global change, economic crisis and world wide propaganda wrapped up in a tongue in cheek melody’. It seems they do this by ‘disconnecting your brain’ and giving you entertainment. They appeal to boys and girls to get in touch with ‘the truth of the world’. This truth seems to be found on TV and entertainment. It is to be believed and trusted. That certainly is a more fun response to the world’s problems than worry and stress. However, why not believe and trust in the Truth that has dealt with the world’s problems in the cross and reflects true reality.


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