Lily Allen’s new single

April 6, 2009

I tried very hard not to post about Lily Allen again, but when I listen to the lyrics of her new single – it had to be done. The song <insert rude word> You is Lily having a go at those who are ‘small minded’, particularly on the gay issue, using her sweet little voice but this time with a circus theme. I just love it how people appealing for greater tolerance are so intolerant of other’s views. And so dismissing views, like Lily does here in such a ladylike manner ;-), shows the great hypocracy of the ‘tolerance’ movement.



  1. i’m certainly intolerant of the intolerant!!

  2. Interesting point Anton, but I still believe that intolerance has done far more damage and caused far more pain than tolerance, plus I think calling ‘tolerance’ a movement is a bit like calling ‘compassion’ a political theory 😉

    p.s. i love lily 🙂

    • Hey Adam, good call about the ‘tolerance’ movement. I’m all for tolerance, but tolerance that hears the other point of view, disagrees with it, but upholds the right for others to have that view. Tolerance in the modern context requires that all views must be agreed with unless you hold the position that all views can’t be agreed with – those people are run out of town, Lily style.
      P.s. Her songs are catchy though! Stay cool in London.

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