First Funeral

May 20, 2009

Today I led a funeral for the first time. It was for my aunt. My uncle and his family were very thankful that I could do it and I think it made more special because someone they knew led the service. Apparently there are not restrictions on who can take a funeral – I didn’t know that.

I met up with my minister on Monday for some “how to do funerals” training and a comment of his struck me – “Many think funerals are for the dead, but they are actually for the living.” This funeral certainly turned out to be a comfort for those who mourn and, by God’s grace, hopefully a reminder that we will all have a funeral one day.

One thing that did strike me was how appreciative my family were that they had ‘a minister in the family’ (even if I’m only a student one). As silly as my decision to go into ministry may have sounded at first, they were all very thankful I had made it now.

May God use this event to get my family thinking about their standing before God before they stand before God.

In other news, I think my half-brother has become a Christian! (And he wasn’t even at the funeral)



  1. Glad to hear it was positive for them and you. And great news re: your half-brother! praise God!

  2. Praise God you were able to be there for your family in this way.

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