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Introducing Natasha Mary

June 27, 2009

God has been very good in giving us Natasha yesterday morning. Both mum and bub are healthy and well. The stats: born 26/6/09 at 3:51am, 3.25 kg, 48 cm. I’m loving fatherhood so far, especially after a good night’s sleep last night! Her timing was impeccable – Katie and I both finished exams on Tuesday (and I got my golf game in) and pre-labour started Wednesday morning. Here are some pics of our gorgeous little girl. Check in next week for some more when we get home.

Katie & TashAnton & TashTash - Day 1The familyTashTash - Day 2


We’re off to the hospital!

June 25, 2009

So please pray for the safe arrival of a little Marquez.

See you on the otherside!



Busiest day on ‘The Ton’

June 25, 2009

Yesterday was The Ton’s busiest day for blog hits. Who would have thought that golf was so popular! Does this open the door for more golf posts? Maybe not. Hope you’re enjoying the blog!


Viking Defense

June 24, 2009

Tonight, some men from College are having dinner at the Gourmet Viking restaurant for a bit of man fun. Money’s too tight for a piglet, but it should be a great time. To get us in the mood, here’s one of my favour online games – VIKING DEFENSE!


Moore College Golf Club – Massey Park

June 24, 2009

The MCGC moved to Massey Park for its second round following our New Testament exam. Under sunny skies, Oram and Overhall tore up the course, but it was ‘the power of Pass’* that prevailed. Bruce, in his return to golf since leaving Germany used is classic(al) swing and metronomic tempo to win by 4 points. Squishy grounds, ladies’ clubs and darkness setting in couldn’t stop Bruce’s consistency. The teams’ event went down to a count back with Overhall, Fyfe and Nick (Darcy) Moll taking the win. Best dressed was narrowly taken out by Snowy. Photos, results and handicap calculations are below.




Group Photo


Here are the handicaps for the next round:

*Phrase coined by Snowy


How to make Sydney look fake (but cool)

June 20, 2009

Here’s a look at activity around Sydney – with a difference. The stop-motion almost makes it look staged. Check it out!


Philosophy has got me thinking

June 17, 2009

Okay, sorry for the bad pun, but all this study about Philosophy has reminded me a Kellerism. Thanks to Keller and Clowney’s preaching series podcast I’ve been spurred on in my Philosophy study for tomorrow’s exam by seeing its necessity for evangelistic preaching. Keller argues that people need to change their world-view before they come to know Christ. We need to enter people’s world-view (this is where philosophy comes in), show sympathy for it (rather than just calling it ‘stupid’), move from the bits of their world-view that are true to show how the Bible asserts them in a more vivid, rich and full way, then show the inconsistence of their view and finally restabilise with Christ. Best to get the full explanation (see Session 12) but there’s a taste. So, we need to keep working hard at understanding how philosophy can help us understand those who don’t yet know Christ.