Moore College Golf Club – Massey Park

June 24, 2009

The MCGC moved to Massey Park for its second round following our New Testament exam. Under sunny skies, Oram and Overhall tore up the course, but it was ‘the power of Pass’* that prevailed. Bruce, in his return to golf since leaving Germany used is classic(al) swing and metronomic tempo to win by 4 points. Squishy grounds, ladies’ clubs and darkness setting in couldn’t stop Bruce’s consistency. The teams’ event went down to a count back with Overhall, Fyfe and Nick (Darcy) Moll taking the win. Best dressed was narrowly taken out by Snowy. Photos, results and handicap calculations are below.




Group Photo


Here are the handicaps for the next round:

*Phrase coined by Snowy



  1. i think the team results should say 83, 83, 80, yeah?

    looking fwd to wearing the spoon with pride.

  2. Thanks Doug.
    Team results have been updated.
    I wasn’t going to mention the spoon but I’m glad you’re looking forward to it!

  3. That’s awesome! And I love the photos. Nick Moll is Mr. Golf right there.

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