Anton’s tips for surviving the first baby week

July 1, 2009

Now, I’m going to do my best not to let this blog be dominated by the new arrival (unlike the rest of my life); so let’s get a few baby posts out of the way.

It’s Day 6 of Natasha’s (post-birth) life and here are some of the less-serious tips* I’ve picked up so far as a dad:

1. When baby is unsettled – bounce on a swiss ball. Works like a charm.

2. Don’t be scared of nappy changing. It’s often a hilarious time and is surprising satisfying when you have a clean bottom staring back at you.

3. When you need to go to the toilet go as soon as you can. If you tarry, you may be needed for settling and you never know how long that will take.

4. The CDs with ‘sounds from the uterus’ playing actually help. They even help me sleep!

5. Have your baby during Wimbledon. It makes you look forward to getting up in the middle of the night.

Any other tips folks?

*may not work for babies not named Natasha



  1. What on earth does a CD called ‘sound from the uterus’ sound like?!

    How did that CD come to be in your psosession?

    How did the producers get such a soundtrack – I hope the owner of the uterus got some credit.

  2. Imagine you’re in a blood vessel with the heart pumping and lots of fluid around you. It sounds something like that. Our midwife gave it to us and I don’t know who’s uterus was used!

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