Glory to the Father or the Son?

July 30, 2009

I’ve been pondering recently on the nature of honouring the Father and Son. A friend often finishes emails and texts with “Keep trusting Jesus” and a few talks I’ve heard have been all about us relating to Jesus. Now, of course, these are terrific things, but it got me wondering whether we can focus so much on Jesus that we forget the Father. Although this is probably possible, I think the focus on honouring Jesus is not neglecting the Father but rather is doing what the Father wants us to do.

In our Doctrine lecture today we reflected on the fact that Creation was made by the Father as an act of love towards the Son. The Father wants the Son to be glorified and so the Father made the world to give glory to the Son. Therefore, we, as part of creation, have the purpose of glorifying the Son. This was comforting to me, to know that I’m fulfilling my God-ordained purpose when I glorify the Son. I (and you) are made as an act of love of the Father to the Son and I am to glorify the Son by trusting him. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be part of your Trinitarian love.


One comment

  1. good post.

    john’s gospel is gold for seeing the mutual glorification of the Father and the Son.

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