Two things from Dr Null

August 13, 2009

Today was the last the Annual Moore College Lectures for this year by Dr Ashley Null. They looked at the Anglican historical theology of repentance.

Two things got me thinking:

1. Clean up your act
When we fall into sin our temptation is to try to clean up our act and get back on the straight and narrow before we can return to relating to God.
What happens when we think we need to clean up our act before we turn to God? We enter into a downward spiral of failure and despair. If we fail to turn to God first, we lose God’s power to change us! Sooner or later we give up. When faced with our sin, let’s turn to God first and ask for forgiveness before we try to make ourselves feel worthy by trying to do good before we face up to God.

2. Who are you doing ministry for?
Dr Null challenged us to make decisions in ministry out of love for God and our congregation, and not for the benefit of our own reputation/empire.
When we make an unpopular ministry decision, if we are making it out of love for the congregation, they will give you much grace.
If we make the decision for our own view of ministry, then they will fight you.



  1. Bro, those two points were excellent and really stood out for me today too. Such a really timely reminder for us at college eh… I’m really thankful to the Lord for these lectures….

    • Yeah, it was a good series. Can’t wait for the Colonel next year!

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