I Look To You – Whitney Houston

September 14, 2009

Okay – probably time to ‘fess up; back in the day I was a big Whitney Houston fan. I can remember mum playing ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ in the car when I was 11 and I can sing a mean ‘I will always love you’ at KaraokeWhitney Houston.

She’s done pretty well with her new album ‘I Look to You’. It’s #1 on the US Billboard & European Albums charts and is #16 in Australia this week. I haven’t listen to the whole thing yet, but the short grabs I’ve heard sound promising.

Her first single of the same title is not a standout (it just creeps in to #5 on my chart this week) but look out for the next single ‘Million Dollar Bill’- more uptempo and more appealing. She hasn’t had a great Australian track record, so we’ll she how she goes. So far she’s out-pacing Madonna whose new single ‘Celebration’ (which is unusually weak for her) has dropped out of the US Top 100.



  1. It’ll be interesting to hear what she says about her comeback on Oprah!

    • Looks like it’s all coming out, drugs and all.

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