Spur – not as bad as iSnack2.0

October 1, 2009

Tomorrow I leave for ‘Spur’ conference (formerly MTS Challenge, formerly Club 5). It’s a conference for those thinking about going into vocational ministry or a ministry apprenticeship. I’m a fan of the new name. I has something to do with what the conference is on about (cf. Club 5) and doesn’t have the cringe factor of having MTS in the title. I’m happy for the change as they’ve renovated the conference to a combined site on one weekend for Sydney and so the innovation is a good idea. What wasn’t a good idea was the new Vegemite name. As Soph posted, how can they choose a name designed for Gen Y that is SO daggy to anyone anywhere close to the age group? But good publicity. Back to Spur: I haven’t been on the conference for a few years so I’m looking forward to it especially as I get to lead singing and encourage those from my current and former church in their thinking about ministry.



  1. Spur…I like it.

    Where did Club 5 come from?

    • I think Club 5 was after the MTS target of having 500 ministry apprentices at one stage. However, I think they far exceeded their target and so a name change was kinda necessary.

  2. Gem and I are going to Spur too! (To be honest, it reminds me of the London football club – Tottenham Hotspurs, nick named spurs).

    See you there!

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