Peter Jensen on ‘Sunrise’

December 30, 2009

Just before Christmas, our Archbishop appeared on Sunrise. (See the clip here). He appeared to comment on Tony Abbott’s views about the place of the Bible in a good education. He was basically encouraging people to people to read the Bible for themselves, and that school is an appropriate place to be taught about it.

What I’m learning from Peter’s TV technique is how to get one’s message across and stay on the main point. His TV ‘opponent’ (and atheist educator) claimed that the Bible was full of ‘myths’ (of course she went to Creation as an example) and then sought to deride the ‘God of the Old Testament’. There was plenty of opportunity for Peter to correct her views and defend the Bible, but instead he chose to ignore the claims and stay on message, stating the positive reasons for studying the Bible.

Sure, there will be times when accusations should be responded to. However, in a 5 minutes TV spot (like in 5 minute conversations) he didn’t begin an argument but focused on his key point.

Lots for me to learn from.


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