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Netball gold medal match

October 14, 2010

Well, I called it.

At the start of the Commonwealth Games I told some friends that the best sport they’ll watch all year is the Netball gold medal match. I think I can safely say I was right.

As expected Australia and New Zealand made it through. The lead went back and forward all match. At 3-quarter time, things seemed grim for Australia, trailing by 4 goals. However, they came back to level it up and force extra time. Scores were again level and so ‘double extra time’ took in effect with New Zealand being the first to reach a two-goal margin. Each team had many chances to win and each team made crucial costly mistakes.

I’m normally not a netball fan, but when played at this level it’s great. I think it’s to do with after each goal, the teams alternate who starts with the ball. At this level, you expect the team who starts with the ball to convert it into a goal, and so a turnover is crucial.

As for this match, it is easily the best game of sport I’ve seen this year and I ended up, literally, on the edge of my seat.

Told you so.