A letter to the government

November 1, 2010

Last week I wrote my first letter to an MP.

After discussing euthanasia in my Ethics class, me and many others at College decided to voice our opposition to the practice. This is particularly timely as a euthanasia bill, introduced by the Greens, is currently being debated in the Federal and State Upper Houses. The letter isn’t argued brilliantly, but it’s something. For more detailed information about euthanasia, head to the Social Issues Executive website.

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear the Honourable …,

I am writing to express my opposition to voluntary euthanasia and to urge you to oppose the voluntary euthanasia legislation soon to come before the Parliament.

My concern that is that this legislation will de-value human life and have a negative effect on society, particularly our view of the terminally ill. A person’s life remains inherently valuable during the course of a terminal illness. Therefore, life must remain protected at this time, even if someone, at some stage, desires to end it. We seek to protect the lives of the suicidal, even when they have an illness such as depression. Human life is to be always to be valued and protected over and above an individual’s wishes.

I am also concerned on the effect such legislation will have on society’s concern for and care of the elderly and terminally ill. If euthanasia is the path we take as society will increase our loathing of the sick and elderly, rather than our desire to care for them. These people will be seen pure as a burden to be removed rather than a person to be cared for. Those that wish not to receive a lethal injection feel that they are a drain on resources. Research and funding into palliative care, which is highly effective, will also be reduced. This legislation opens the way for euthanasia without consent, which has been the experience of countries such as the Netherlands.

I ask that you consider these arguments and oppose this legislation as it comes before the parliament.




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