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Webber’s first win

July 14, 2009

Sunday night was a happy night for me. After years of following the ‘unluckiest driver in Formula 1’ Mark Webber claimed his first F1 grand prix victory. Even when Rubens Barrichello overtook him at the start I was still confident of the win as Webber had more fuel on board* but I thought it was all over after he was penalised with a drive-through penalty. But not even that could stop him. Good work, Mark! It’s great you have finally broken through for a win. Also, a big thanks to Channel One which allows us to watch the F1 live (and so I can follow the live timing on my laptop) and so that the telecast finishes before midnight!

*which means he can last longer before his first pit stop and therefore gain the advantage.


Formula One – new rules

March 11, 2009

Another interest of mine is Formula One. I’m certainly not a rev-head, but the colour, politics, racing and personalities of F1 are appealing. So you may see some F1 posts following each race.

I came across this animation of the new rule changes for the 2009 F1 season. (If you’re not into F1, the animation is still pretty cool anyway). I think the new changes make the car much more ugly, but should make racing interesting. I’m not sure about KERS yet either. It seems good in theory but a similar boost system didn’t work well with A1. We’ll wait and see.