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Peter Jensen on ‘Sunrise’

December 30, 2009

Just before Christmas, our Archbishop appeared on Sunrise. (See the clip here). He appeared to comment on Tony Abbott’s views about the place of the Bible in a good education. He was basically encouraging people to people to read the Bible for themselves, and that school is an appropriate place to be taught about it.

What I’m learning from Peter’s TV technique is how to get one’s message across and stay on the main point. His TV ‘opponent’ (and atheist educator) claimed that the Bible was full of ‘myths’ (of course she went to Creation as an example) and then sought to deride the ‘God of the Old Testament’. There was plenty of opportunity for Peter to correct her views and defend the Bible, but instead he chose to ignore the claims and stay on message, stating the positive reasons for studying the Bible.

Sure, there will be times when accusations should be responded to. However, in a 5 minutes TV spot (like in 5 minute conversations) he didn’t begin an argument but focused on his key point.

Lots for me to learn from.


Ashes Email on Sunrise

August 24, 2009

Today I participated for the first time to ‘talk back TV’ and sent an email to Sunrise.

Not only was it read out but Mark ‘Baretts’ Baretta called it the ’email of the day’.

To Ricky Pointing,

‘Run out?

Lost the Ashes?

You’ll feel better on Swisse’

It certainly cheered me up after a disastrous night of sport.


It’s me or the dog

June 13, 2009

If you read this before 1:30pm on Saturday – TURN ON CHANNEL 10!

It’s me or the dog is on and the family is a couple of punk-anarchists. They got a bull-terrier called ‘Chaos’ who follows their anarchist behaviour. I’m loving the irony, that these anarchists have an anarchist dog which they are finding really disruptive and difficult to live with. Love it!


The Chaser > Review

May 28, 2009

Just watched the first episode of The Chaser on the web and it reminded me why I never really liked the show. For me, it often goes a little over the top, which kills the humour. The attempt to repeat law suits was an example of this. Christians were Chaser fodder as well with a spoof of the ‘footprints’ poem. I’m impressed that they think enough people have come into contact with the poem for the joke to work.

The ChaserHowever, it did make me reflect on Aussie culture. We love any opportunity to pull people (especially rich or successful people) down to size. The Chaser has this down to an art form. It’s ironic, though, that even though it’s part of our culture to cut down tall poppies, we seem to all want to be a tall poppy and strive for it. Strange. Maybe if Aussies got to know Jesus better, they’d appreciate him more – him that although rich, became poor to death on a cross so that we can be rich toward God.

But, the Chaser has its place, and there is usually at least one stunt that works (e.g. the G8 summit). This episode it involved my old school. Somalians in boaters – classic!


Wednesday night ABC viewing – Part II

April 22, 2009

Tonight’s episode of The Gruen Transfer highlighted for me what is most interesting about the show. It was reminded that advertisers have deep insight into us humans and what makes us tick. Todd Sampson made the comment after viewing a Coco-pops ad that mothers wrestle with guilt in the bringing up with their children, so they might justify giving their kids Coco-pops if it means they will consume the milk along with it. What an insight into the world of mothers.

Two points of relfection.

1) Those of us who are preachers can learn lots from the insights of advertisers – but hopefully use these insights to help people understand the significance of Christ in their lives.

2) Children must bring in a new level of guilt to one’s life (I’m sure I’ll find out soon). The total forgiveness offered by Christ must be all the more appealing during these times.


Wednesday night ABC viewing – Part I

April 22, 2009

Tonight marked a momentous occasion in my Wednesday night ABC viewing. On Spicks and Specks I guessed every song in the “Look what they’ve done” round. That’s where a folk-type band (tonight it was The Spooky Men’s Chorale) plays their version of famous songs.Spooky Men's Choale

This is usually my worst round, but tonight was gold!

Tonight also saw a great comeback by Myf’s team. They were down by 5 points by ended up winning by 4. Go Myf!


This is Civilisation – Ye Gods

March 12, 2009

I was watching a documentary on SBS tonight about the art ancient gods. The Greeks were first in focus. According to the presenter they made statues modeled on the perfect human – human man that is. The Greeks loved their wisdom and made great philosophical advancements, giving birth to new political systems.
He singled out a statue of the Greek god Apollo – perfectly in proportion, strong and on show.


But then he switched to Christianity, which sees human wisdom as foolishness. Their God was humble, disfigured and died on a cross. It was such a shift in focus in the documentary; from the glory that humanity can achieve to the humility and seeming foolishness of the cross. It made me think that this would be a silly faith to believe in if it was all about us, unimpressive and incomprehensible in human terms. But that’s because Christianity is all about God and his power and glory in the world. A God who uses the weaknesses of humanity to save it through Christ and to grow it through using weak people like me. Thank God that our faith is not based on arrogant but flawed humans, but rather on God who would enter our world to save us.

“This is Civilisation” SBS Thursday 8:30 (4 part series)