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WVotW: Postmodernism & Rugby League

May 14, 2009

Moving from Modern to Postmodern has seen moved ethics from universal standards of right and wrong to what communities agree upon as standards of behaviour. We see this in the depressing saga around Matthew Johns. He stated on ACA last night that his actions were ‘morally wrong’ (although not legally wrong) and that he is ‘guity of infidelity to [his] wife and absolute stupidity’. Taking the media’s condemnation as a guide, Johns has trasgressed a community standard.

It’s worth reflecting on the fact that despite ethics being seen as relative, guilt and the effects of sin remain in people’s lives. Forgiveness from Matthew’s wife seemed terribly costly. Forgiveness from God is even more costly, but costly to God, costly to death. But with God taking on our guilt and accepting our sin we can enjoy eternal forgiveness. May Matthew find this, may we trust it, and may others come to know it.


WVotW: Postmodernism

May 9, 2009

The second worldview in A Spectator’s Guide to WVs is Postmodernism. Paraphrasing Clarke, Postmodernism involves not knowing anything for certain, having different methods of understanding, and thinking that what’s right for me may not be right for you. You can make up your own mind about what is true.

postmodernAlthough philosophers may be saying that it is on the way out, we’re still in a Postmodern world so I see what examples I can find through the week.


WVotW: A final word on Moderism

May 9, 2009

Now that my Greek test is (stative aktionsart) over, it’s time to get back to WVotW. Moderism is where all trust and hope is put in science. A big problem is it fails to answer the big questions in life (e.g. Why are we here?).

A final word for Moderism goes to the Today show host, Lisa Wilkinson. In a segment on morning sickness, the interviewed doctor explained that it doesn’t harm the baby but is “Nature’s way of protecting the baby.” To which Wilkinson replied, “Nature’s good like that.”

Thank God for Nature. 😉


WVotW: Moderism – Nova & Noah

April 26, 2009

On the way to church today, Nova 96.9 raise the issue of the historicity of the Bible (!). It found a report that 6 out of 10 Aussie believe that Jesus rose from the dead but attention quickly moved onto Noah and the Ark. The hosts threw it open to the audience to account for the story, especially regarding how all the animals could fit on the Ark. One lady suggested that Noah brough two of every kind not every species of animal and so after the flood all the different spieces evolved from each of its kind. “It’s science” she declared. The hosts were not so sure about the explaination but conceded “I like the ‘It’s science’ bit”. Moderism still breeds credibility.

For the record, the best explanation was that Noah to two of every baby animal, so there was plenty of room and you didn’t have all the mating issues!


WVotW:Modernism – 2 from the U.S.

April 26, 2009 has provided two examples of Modernism from the US.

In a AP video it was reported that the restrictions on the morning-after pill are to be lifted. What was interesting was the findings by a Federal judge that “Bush administration appointees let politics, not science drive their decision to limit over the counter access to women 18 and over.” I’m not suggesting that politics is a better means to make decisions but the finding certainly uplifts science as the guiding principle.

Also, listening to Obama’s report card for his first 100 days, I came across part of his inauguration speech: “We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield tech’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lover its cost.” Is this a return to modernist thinking?


WVotW:Modernism – Astronomers

April 23, 2009

I was reading an article on smh regarding the discovery of Gliese 581 e and Gliese 581 d, the two planets from another solar system that are the closest to Earth in relation to their size and location to their sun.

Gliese. Photo:AFPIt struck me that Astronomers must largely be of the Modernist mindset. They seek to use scientific discoveries to gain meaning to our existence. What I want to know is what will happen when/if they find another Earth-like planet? What will the discovery that we are not so special in the universe do for their thinking? Surely Astronomy (which I love by the way) is very good at describing the universe, but assigning meaning to its vastness is beyond their realm of study. Meaning comes from the purpose for which something is made. Once we know this, Astronomy can help us reflect on how privileged we are for God to choose us out of all the vastness of the universe.


World View of the Week – Modernism

April 22, 2009

The first WVotW I’ll be looking at is Modernism.

Paraphrasing Birkett, Modernism involves the confidence that humans are able to use reason to create meaning and significance for themselves. Things can be known for certain if you get the foundation right. Science is championed, truth is static and the supernatural is rejected.ModerismBirkett identifies Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribean, Grisson on CSI and the Jodie Foster character in Contact as embodying the modernist view. Let’s see if I can find other examples and feel free to post your own.