Get to know Jesus

The best thing in my life is that I know, love and serve Jesus. Christianity is both intellectually credible and personally relevant, and it’s all about knowing and relating to the God who made us.

It is highly worth your while to check Jesus out. Here’s a start:

A website – christianity.net.au

An audio file – Who is Jesus?

A library of resources – CPX

A place to start reading the Bible – Bible gateway


  1. […] Here are some dusty pics. Wanna know who’s behind it all? […]

  2. […] What is interesting is the numerous Christian references made throughout the track. God, prayer and even the rapture get a mention. But it’s the last thirty seconds which intrigues me. Robbie (and backing choir) proclaim that ‘Jesus didn’t die for you; what are you on?’ It leads me to ask, why do all these non-religious people keep mentioning things about God? They are so obsessed with Christian things. Robbie is obviously painting idea that Jesus’ death for humanity is ridiculous. But, if he’s not looking to Jesus, what is he looking to? Our bodies? Is all there is in life the desire to ‘look good naked’ and achieve perfection in body? I’m not sure I’m up for Robbie’s alternative. Maybe Robbie should click here. […]

  3. i love jesus.
    he is my saviour and i will serve him for all my life!
    i hope i get to go to heaven when i die to meet my hero, jesus himself.
    god bless.

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