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The Oscars

February 23, 2009

Talent, Praise and Faith

The new-look Oscars ceremony has ended this year and Slumdog Millionaire came out on top with 8 awards. Favourites Heath Ledger and WALL-E were winners, while the upset came when Sean Penn edged out Mickey Rouke for Best Actor.

Here are some observations from the ceremony:
Talent –
What a performance from Hugh Jackman! On such a large stage (physically and metaphorically) there is such a demand on the entertainer to fill it and he did. It was such an enjoyable experience to be spared the cringing of past comedians and to watch quality musical numbers. Bring back Wolverine next year!

Praise –
Another new addition was having five previous winners in each of the acting categories return to introduce each nominee. They did so with great praise, not only for the performances, but also for the talent and personalities of the actors behind them. The tears in the best actress nominees’ eyes reminded me of the power of praise, particularly when it comes from those who are respected and esteemed by the recipient. I’m certainly going to use that as an encouragement to praise when praise is due, particularly to Him who made the world and all that is in it.

Faith –
Best Actress, Kate Winslet, as part of her acceptance speech said “I’d like to thank those who had faith in me.” It occurred to me that faith (as opposed to blind faith) is not a forgotten, foreign concept. For Kate, faith meant that those people saw who she was, trusted in her and her abilities and supported her accordingly. Faith in a Christian sense is seeing who God is, trusting him to restore us to relationship with himself through Jesus’ death on the cross and to respond accordingly in dependence and obedience. Faith is alive and well, but who you put your faith in makes all the difference.

Finally – Did you notice how many awards (including the screenplay categories) were cut from the telecast? I wonder if it was Channel Nine compensating for a late start so it wouldn’t have to cancel Underbelly. Anyway, it meant an earlier bed time for me!


The Fear – Lily Allen >Review

February 21, 2009

As you’ll see on Monday, The Fear is one of the best songs going around. Lily Allen has enjoyed criticising modern life through her songs, all in a synth-pop style. The combination of a bubbly pop tune with biting lyrics always makes for engaging listening. The Fear is in this vein with her attention set toward the celerity world itself. It’s a timely reminder (especially during Oscar season) that those who we celebrate are often superficial and that which makes for a “fantastic” life, when analysed, is empty and misguided. However, what I can’t work out is where does Lily fit into all this? It’s all very well to sing a critique of celebrity, yet she is no doubt enjoying the benefits from it. So, is she deluding herself to think that it doesn’t apply to her, or is she genuinely living a life that is above and beyond the shallowness of celebrity. I’m sure the gossip mags will keep a close eye on it.