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In Science We Trust

July 28, 2009

I was watching ‘Sunrise’ this morning and Kochie was interviewing a global warming scientist. Kochie raised the question that with all this talk about global warming why are there ‘scientific’ reports which deny a link between carbon emissions and rising temperatures. The interviewee replied that the sensationalist often get reported and that we should believe those who the policy makers are listening to (but he did concede that the recent report was written by a reputable scientist).2 things got me thinking.
Firstly, Christianity is often questioned by new discoveries about Jesus, be it a possible burial box or studies into which words Jesus actually said. Like global warming it is the sensational and controversial that gets reported. We need to be careful not to take our information from the fringe of scholarship.

It also made me think that rather than science replacing faith, science often requires faith. For example, anything with the word ‘theory’ in it (like the ‘big bang theory’/the ‘theory of evolution’) can’t be scientifically proven and therefore an element of faith is needed to hold to it. But even something like global warming, people, even scientists, believe different things about it. Faith/belief is required at various points.

How comforting is it that the Christian Faith is based on historical events, culminating in the person of Jesus who the vast majority of historical scholarship can attest to.