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St Matthias ESM – Sermon 2

May 3, 2009

Tonight at Matthias Evening Church we saw from John 5:18-47 that Jesus is the giver of life and the judge of all. God the Father gave him these ‘works’ so that we will honour Jesus. An example of not believing this is if we just read the Bible in order to work out how to live. If we are just seeking how to be moral for our own benefit, then we’re not doing good for Jesus’ honour.

SO – next time you read the Bible, don’t just think about how you should live your lift, but reflect on Jesus – who he is and what he has done – and honour him by listening to what he says and following him. See how his character leads you to obeying him.

Feel free to leave a comment if you had any questions. I’ll have a further think about Eddie’s question and will try to post something soon.


St Matthias ESM – Sunday preview

April 30, 2009

Hi Matthias people and interested others (who are also most welcome to comment).

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s sermon and a chance to think about this issues that will be addressed. You also can participate in the preparation! The passage is John 5:18-47.

We’ll do a recap of the series and of last week. Then move on to Jesus’ work which are greater than his ability to heal the invalid we saw last week. They are that Jesus gives life and will judge us. Now giving life is an easily accepted ability but what about judgement. Are people (i.e. you or the people you know) still offended by the idea that they will be judged by Jesus over their actions?

Then Jesus defends his claims, appealing to three witnesses. And finally he has a go at the Jews for turning to God’s word for its rules but not looking to what the Scriptures say about him. The interesting thing is that the Jews are still trying to be ‘good’. So my question is, what motivations might we have for doing good things other than to honour Christ?

So read the passage, have a think about who Jesus is for them and it’d be cool if you commented on the questions. C ya Sunday!