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WVotW: Postmodernism & Rugby League

May 14, 2009

Moving from Modern to Postmodern has seen moved ethics from universal standards of right and wrong to what communities agree upon as standards of behaviour. We see this in the depressing saga around Matthew Johns. He stated on ACA last night that his actions were ‘morally wrong’ (although not legally wrong) and that he is ‘guity of infidelity to [his] wife and absolute stupidity’. Taking the media’s condemnation as a guide, Johns has trasgressed a community standard.

It’s worth reflecting on the fact that despite ethics being seen as relative, guilt and the effects of sin remain in people’s lives. Forgiveness from Matthew’s wife seemed terribly costly. Forgiveness from God is even more costly, but costly to God, costly to death. But with God taking on our guilt and accepting our sin we can enjoy eternal forgiveness. May Matthew find this, may we trust it, and may others come to know it.


WVotW: Postmodernism

May 9, 2009

The second worldview in A Spectator’s Guide to WVs is Postmodernism. Paraphrasing Clarke, Postmodernism involves not knowing anything for certain, having different methods of understanding, and thinking that what’s right for me may not be right for you. You can make up your own mind about what is true.

postmodernAlthough philosophers may be saying that it is on the way out, we’re still in a Postmodern world so I see what examples I can find through the week.