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Keller on preaching

August 13, 2009

I’ve been listening to the Keller/Clowney preaching course podcast and I’m down to the last session!

I’ve been meaning to put up some thoughts on my blog about it (which I still may do) but Luke is doing it for me. Probably a good thing with lots due at College and a sermon on Sunday.


How amazing is God?!

July 30, 2009

Last Sunday was an amazing reminder of how good God is in keeping his promises. I’m still getting use to working with Natasha around and so having an essay and a sermon due in the same week was tough going. On the sermon front, I knew it wasn’t the best I could do. It was the best I could with the time and energy I was given – but it could have been better. However, I was reminded to depend on God for HIM to work through his word to change people’s lives despite my feeble efforts. After the sermon I received many comments on how helpful it was as a reminder of God’s love for us, even in suffering. It even got Grimmo thinking and he reflects on it on the Sola Panel. I am totally convinced that God was at work in people’s lives, even if I wasn’t at my best. Praise God for his work through tired servants!

Romans 5:5 – Hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.


Philosophy has got me thinking

June 17, 2009

Okay, sorry for the bad pun, but all this study about Philosophy has reminded me a Kellerism. Thanks to Keller and Clowney’s preaching series podcast I’ve been spurred on in my Philosophy study for tomorrow’s exam by seeing its necessity for evangelistic preaching. Keller argues that people need to change their world-view before they come to know Christ. We need to enter people’s world-view (this is where philosophy comes in), show sympathy for it (rather than just calling it ‘stupid’), move from the bits of their world-view that are true to show how the Bible asserts them in a more vivid, rich and full way, then show the inconsistence of their view and finally restabilise with Christ. Best to get the full explanation (see Session 12) but there’s a taste. So, we need to keep working hard at understanding how philosophy can help us understand those who don’t yet know Christ.


Preaching Apocalyptic Literature

June 3, 2009

Through the ACL RSS I found this page of talks from Cason et al on preaching apocalyptic literature. It might be helpful when we get to Ezekiel next year. There’s also a link there on some more preaching resources. Enjoy!


Wednesday night ABC viewing – Part II

April 22, 2009

Tonight’s episode of The Gruen Transfer highlighted for me what is most interesting about the show. It was reminded that advertisers have deep insight into us humans and what makes us tick. Todd Sampson made the comment after viewing a Coco-pops ad that mothers wrestle with guilt in the bringing up with their children, so they might justify giving their kids Coco-pops if it means they will consume the milk along with it. What an insight into the world of mothers.

Two points of relfection.

1) Those of us who are preachers can learn lots from the insights of advertisers – but hopefully use these insights to help people understand the significance of Christ in their lives.

2) Children must bring in a new level of guilt to one’s life (I’m sure I’ll find out soon). The total forgiveness offered by Christ must be all the more appealing during these times.