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May 28, 2009

Just watched the first episode of The Chaser on the web and it reminded me why I never really liked the show. For me, it often goes a little over the top, which kills the humour. The attempt to repeat law suits was an example of this. Christians were Chaser fodder as well with a spoof of the ‘footprints’ poem. I’m impressed that they think enough people have come into contact with the poem for the joke to work.

The ChaserHowever, it did make me reflect on Aussie culture. We love any opportunity to pull people (especially rich or successful people) down to size. The Chaser has this down to an art form. It’s ironic, though, that even though it’s part of our culture to cut down tall poppies, we seem to all want to be a tall poppy and strive for it. Strange. Maybe if Aussies got to know Jesus better, they’d appreciate him more – him that although rich, became poor to death on a cross so that we can be rich toward God.

But, the Chaser has its place, and there is usually at least one stunt that works (e.g. the G8 summit). This episode it involved my old school. Somalians in boaters – classic!