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Philosophy has got me thinking

June 17, 2009

Okay, sorry for the bad pun, but all this study about Philosophy has reminded me a Kellerism. Thanks to Keller and Clowney’s preaching series podcast I’ve been spurred on in my Philosophy study for tomorrow’s exam by seeing its necessity for evangelistic preaching. Keller argues that people need to change their world-view before they come to know Christ. We need to enter people’s world-view (this is where philosophy comes in), show sympathy for it (rather than just calling it ‘stupid’), move from the bits of their world-view that are true to show how the Bible asserts them in a more vivid, rich and full way, then show the inconsistence of their view and finally restabilise with Christ. Best to get the full explanation (see Session 12) but there’s a taste. So, we need to keep working hard at understanding how philosophy can help us understand those who don’t yet know Christ.


World View of the Week

April 22, 2009

I recently bought a copy of A Spectator’s Guide to World Views. It basically outlines all the ‘isms’ that you know of but only have a vague idea of what it involves. They describe a worldview as ‘a framework or set of fundamental beliefs through which we view the world and out place in it’ (p.6).

sgworldviewsMy plan is to read through one worldview a week and then look for examples of it on TV, in the media etc.

Hopefully it will help me reflect on the systems of belief that shape our world and compare it to the Christian worldview. Stay tuned for the first worldview – Modernism.